Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dead men tell no tales

I don't know what this says about the state of society and/or modern police agencies but in the past couple of days two men have been discovered dead in their cars after being overlooked for days. One poor guy sat unoticed by the side of one of New Zealand's busiest highways for five days.

It's summer Down Under and after the body of Alvin Singh was finally noticed Detective inspector Mark Gutry casually remarked, "After that time in a hot car, it wasn't pleasant."

Meanwhile, half a world away in Kalamazoo, Michigan, somebody reported a suspicious vehicle that had been parked in the same spot for a couple of days or more. When police investigated they found the driver slumped dead behind the wheel.

They also found two parking tickets under the wiper blade on his windshield, about two feet from his corpse.


  1. Years ago I slept in the back of my car overnight in a Milwaukee shopping center. The cops allegedly put a ticket on the windshield--I never saw it. Thing is, I snore like a raging storm. There's no way they could have missed me.